Strong Options for People Who Decide Investment Banking is Not

  • For all of its potential rewards, investment banking is an undeniably challenging industry. Investment banking veterans, in fact, set out purposely to see which of their new hires they can run out of the business, wanting to keep only those who are the most dedicated and willing to put in long working hours. That leaves many people saying "i hate investment banking," even if quite a few of them have no idea how to exit gracefully.

    investment banking associate. Since it makes so little sense to burn bridges that were built only through intensive effort, many people find themselves wondering just how to get out of the industry. It turns out that veteran Wall Street bankers, though, having seen both sides of the equation, often have quite a bit of helpful advice.

    If you want to quit investment banking this will help. Those who have been responsible for hiring and firing know the best ways to make a graceful exit, too. Fortunately, many of them have also started making their expertise available to others, offering up ready-made solutions to what is an increasingly common problem.

    For many who are facing down this challenge, for example, the major impediment to progress is not knowing where to go next. Veterans of Wall Street, having seen this impasse through many times already, are often well positioned to point particular people in fruitful directions. That might mean showing a young analyst, for example, how to move forward into a Silicon Valley start-up. It could just as well mean giving a mid-career trader a helping hand with leaping into the world of private equity.

    While the problem may seem imposing to those who deal with it, then, the fact is that some bringing on some additional perspective can often make these issues fade away quite neatly. Over the years, countless people have moved on from Wall Street, typically learning in the process that there is no shame in doing so and often plenty to be gained.

    Thanks to the proliferation of sites and services like Wall Street Teach, that path is becoming easier to pursue to completion. For those asking such questions, then, the problem can often be dealt with relatively simply. How do I quit Goldman Sachs? At WallStreetTeach. How do I find a good way out of a Wall Street job that is just not for me? By asking for some help from those with experience.